I have been working with April since 2017 with the goal of losing baby weight and getting my health on track. I started doing the nutrition and workout program and am now on my third training program with her. April is a fantastic coach! She makes sure to check up on you and is very approachable and open if you have any questions or concerns.


The nutrition program is great as it's not a diet! There is no limit on what you can eat but rather it’s a lifestyle change to help you make better choices while still enjoying food. I lost my pregnancy weight twice while working with April and maintaining the habits she helped me develop. (Photos are from Dec 2019 to Nov 2020)


I have a home gym and I love that the workouts have home or gym options! Each exercise is modifiable so as I progress I'm able to use the harder variation. I'm so much stronger than when I began! I can do 10 full pushups now when I could barely do one when I started.


Through all the work we've done together over the years, April has grown from being my coach to becoming a friend!



When I started with April, I was nine months in to my fitness journey after my second pregnancy. At the beginning (pre-April), yes, my focus was to shed the weight, but a time came when that plateaued. I was frustrated and so overwhelmed with all the at home workouts available. I didn’t know what I needed or to do.


From my first meeting with April, I knew she was the right fit for me. It was everything from the genuine feeling that she cared for me, understood my current lifestyle (with two young children), her coaching style and available programs.


Workout times vary for me day-to-day with my children. Being able to follow a program on my own schedule, but knowing April is “there” holds me accountable. She is always right there when I need her for technique checks, modifications or a whole new program change when you break your elbow, but have to keep going!


Beyond the training program, April provides daily fitness and nutritional information via her social media platforms. She truly loves what she does, is very knowledgeable and just a great person!


What April has given me is a new sense of confidence. I gained confidence losing the weight BUT I am 100% more confident in myself because of my strength - and that could not have happened without her!


I’ve been working with April for about a year now. As someone who had zero knowledge about nutrition, this past year has made such a big difference. She has motivated me to make a change for not only myself but for my kids. I have ups and downs and April is there to support me in every single way. When I struggle, she tells me it’s ok and to focus on tomorrow being a better day. When I’m doing awesome she empowers me to kick butt!!!! So awesome to have a strong female who doesn’t judge. I’ve lost 20lbs with her support and Coaching. Slow and steady! April you really have changed my life! Please keep being you!