Learn more about the Nutrition and Fitness Program

1) What is BUF Coaching?
BUF stands for Better U Fitness.  This online coaching program teaches you how to eat, what to eat, provides a workout program and ingrains healthy habits so you can live life to it's fullest.  Of course I'm coaching you through the program to keep you accountable, support you, encourage you and most importantly to help you reach your goals.  















2) It includes a nutrition and workout program?
There are two options. The optimal program includes both the nutrition coaching and a workout program that progresses over the course of the year to help clients meet their goals. If someone is already working out consistently on their own and doesn't feel they need it, they can choose the nutrition option only.

3) What does it involve?
Each client will get their own dashboard. The program is all online so it can be done from any computer or smart phone. Each day, when you log in, you will receive a habit, lesson and workout for you to complete. The habit remains the same for 2 weeks so that it actually becomes a new habit. The lesson takes about 5-10 min and can be read or listened to. If you chose the program with the fitness option you will also receive a workout or recovery task each day. Once you complete each item you click them off and I'm notified. I'm here to offer feedback, help you through the more challenging habits and keep you accountable. 

4) Will I get a meal plan?
No, there are no meal plans. However, there are suggestions as to how and what to eat and what your portion sizes should be. Throughout the course you will learn how to plan your own meals so that you don't have to eat the same boring thing day in and day out planned by someone else. 

5) I'm vegetarian, vegan, have allergies, etc., can I still follow this program?
Yes! You most definitely can.

6) I have never worked out before/I have an injury/I want to gain muscle/I want to lose body fat...is the workout program for me?
The workout program is chosen based on your current fitness status, abilities, and specific goals. Each exercise has video, photos and written descriptions so that you know exactly how to perform each exercise optimally. Different levels of each exercises are provided so that you can select the exercise that is best for you. There are specific programs for beginners, people with injuries, people who want to build muscle, change body composition, lose fat etc.

7) Do I need a gym membership?
Each workout will give you the choice of 4 options to chose from: 1) Full workout at the gym, 2) At-home workout, 3) Quick workout (if you are short on time). 4) Your own workout.  So the choice is yours! (If you plan to do the at home workouts there are a few pieces of basic equipment you will need.)

8) If the program is all-online, how will you know how I'm progressing?
At the beginning of the program and every 2-4 weeks after that you will be asked to "Share Your Progress" by uploading measurements and photos to your dashboard. That is how we can both view and keep track of your progress. I am also notified as to which lessons/habits and workouts you complete and which you don't so I can hold you accountable.  You can contact me anytime through the dashboard with any questions, concerns or to set up a video/phone call.

9) Who is this program for?
Any man or woman looking to transform their lives. It's a full body transformation experience. Over the course of the 1 year program we cover things like how and what you think about food and exercise, daily habits, food choices, portion sizes, how to improve your sleep, decrease stress levels and how to become a happier, healthier person, are just a few of the areas we work on.

10) Who is this program not for?
Any man or woman who is looking for a magic diet with instant results. In my opinion any diet can work if you are consistent with it. The issue with most diets however, is that they are not sustainable long term. This program will teach you habits that you are able to do consistently so that you will never need to diet again. 

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