How does BUF Coaching work?

  • Personalized coaching tailored to your goals.

  • 100% online - you get your own app to see your daily habits, workouts, access to a ton of resources and the ability to message me anytime.

  • Daily accountability within the app.

  • Workouts are modifiable and versatile, with gym, home and "quick" options. You can take your workouts anywhere  (even travelling!).

  • Extra resources which include lessons, infographics and recipes to support you in your daily practice. 

  • You can message me anytime through the coaching app with questions, wins, struggles, or just to say hi!

What do you need to do?

  • Show up each day. Practice your habit, do your workout, and check out the resources to gain some knowledge.

  • Be Patient. Habit transformation takes time, this is totally normal.  

  • Come with an open mind and let go of your expectations of any “shoulds.” This will be a new experience and unlike any other diet or coaching experience you’ve had before. I promise!